Rails Custom UUID Tagger in Logs

Sometimes there rises a need that the UUID in the rails logs should be a specific format. When our project was on Rails 3.2, the UUID was something like this ‘085dfb20fbaf4172afd5dd56c76f8cc9‘. We were using this format to parse our logs for additional information. When we upgraded to Rails 4, all our parsing logic broke. This… Read More »

SBT Resolving Conflicting cross-version Errors

Recently while setting up Gatling with Spray using SBT, I started getting conflicting cross-version suffixes errors. Here is what my SBT looked like

On running update, I got the following error If you notice this is because my SBT has been configured for Akka for Scala version 2.11 and Gatling is trying to get Akka for 2.10. The… Read More »